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Hello! The name's Steve, I'm a gay knitter living in the tiny state of Rhode Island. Welcome to my tumblr.

Here I'll be posting about my day to day life, current knitting projects, and the occasional cute guy.

This blog will be occasionally nsfw, so please don't follow if you're under 18 years old.

Please feel free to message me about whatever. I'm a friendly guy and love making new friends.



do you think ina garten ever goes to taco bell 10 minutes before they close wearing sunglasses and a big hat and orders a nachos bell grande and a crunch wrap supreme then eats them in the parking lot with the lights off like


While quietly sobbing and promising herself it’ll be the last time, but it never is.

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Flatbread pizza for dinner with @seriousbisons

Flatbread pizza for dinner with @seriousbisons